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Tobias Bromelias • Hugo de Vriesweg 2 • 1331 AJ Almere • Telefoon: 036-5324880 • Fax: 036-5499273 • Mobiel: 06-25023633 • E-mail:
#FloraHolland #TradeFairNaaldwijk 13 t/m 15 maart #tobiasbromelias stand 19.15 !!
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@TobiasBromelias ook weer te vinden op #FloraHolland Trade Fair 2013! Wij zijn er op 13-14 en 15 Maart! Locatie: Naaldwijk, Stand: 19.15
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Welcome to

Tobias Bromelias is based in Almere Buitenvaart and has the acreage of around 10.000 m2. Our assortment includes thirtytwo various kinds of Bromelia and next to that, we have about 10 kinds on trial. Three new species are propagated in Costa Rica by stem cuttings.

Thanks to good internal organisation and processing line we can respond fast and accurate to day trading.

We offer an extended assortment of Bromelia mix with 9 cm pot serving as the basic size.

We also supply different kinds of ornamental pots, made of glass and gel, with or without accessories. All that provided as the client wishes.

Our assortment is broad and colourful and there are many possibilities to make various arrangements. Thus, the ornamental value of our Bromelias is always shown.

Tobias Bromelias always takes care of tropical and colourful surprise!


For personal sales information of Tobias Bromelia's you can contact us 0031-36-5324880

Our sales department likes to make an appointment with you, to discuss the possibilities.

Digital order processing possible with different systems.

For personal sales information of Bromeliaspecialist you can contact on this number: 0031-88-1262300

We welcome you to the Trend Fair 2015!